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CADÛLive Rec Session on BiliBili and YouTube.

The 4. Act BORDERLINE of the opera DIONE by SCHARMIEN ZANDI will have PREMIERE at 22nd of April 2021 at the THEATER ARCHE. With Sopran, Performing Arts and the Band CADÛ.


Scharmien Zandi
is the
Award Winner
of the
Austrian Musictheaterprize 2020
in the category
‚Best Off-Production‘ with

Get a taste of SCHARMIEN ZANDI’s AMOUR FOU in May 2020 > here is the online show , ACFNY in Manhattan

The new Album STEELSTREET from CADÛ is now on SPOTIFY & YOUTUBE

Coopartion with LUCKHOLE BOOKING

The videoinstallation HOREN will take place at the 2. Act of the Opera-Performance DIONE (teaser)

Cooperation with SPARKLE PONY TV

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